Allan Gardens Conservatory is a historic landmark that lies in one of Toronto’s oldest parks.  The development of the gardens began with the donation of a five-acre parcel of land in 1858 by George Allan, a prominent local politician and cultural leader.  With  six greenhouses with an area of over 16,000 square feet, it provides an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in the heart of the city.

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I recently attended a ceremony commemorating  the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 in downtown Toronto.  The troops were reviewed by HRH Prince Philip as colonel-in-chief of the regiment. Unlike our neighbours to the south,  tight security was not required  and thus did not interfere with the festivities.

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Cherry Beach in Toronto is one of my favourite place to take photos, particularly when the weather is inclement and the beach is relatively deserted.




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Recently, I went to Port Credit, a bedroom community on the shores of Lake Ontario just west of Toronto. The weather was ideal for landscape photography:  overcast, windy and periodic lake driven snow squalls. I hope that you enjoy viewing these shots as much as I did taking them.

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Post Storm Serenity

I  love snow storms.  I find that during a storm, people tend to be much kinder towards one another.  Afterwards,  a blanket of freshly fallen snow  brings me sense of serenity-of  being one with God and nature.  After a very strange winter, Toronto finally had a major snow storm-approximately 30 cm.  I went to Etobicoke Creek to take some shots before the snow melts.  I hope that you like them…

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Ducks tend to be anything but camera shy-particularily  in winter.  Usually all it takes is bread (or in this case, left over pancakes) and let the action begin..

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I decided to photograph oil and water together-which don’t mix.  Using a glass pyrex tray supported by 2 shoe boxes, I placed a colourful scarf underneath, added water and oil and voila!!  I placed the “set” near a window for natural light.  The most challenging part of the exercise (other than cleaning up the mess) was focusing my camera–although I suspect that was a result of my poor eyesight more than anything else!!


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It’s almost Christmas and the Toronto weather has been cold and damp-but no snow.  I decided to shoot some macro photos with strawberries falling into a vase of water. A fair amount was spilled, but it was a lot of fun.

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I went downtown in Toronto at dusk to shoot some Christmas scenes.  These are some of my favourites.

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I shot these photos of an incredible model train set up at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario.  It took thousands of hours to build and assemble and, excluding the actual trains and tracks, every piece is hand built using local wood products.  When I arrived there was a large group of 5 year old boys who were simply overwhelmed by this shining example of “old fashioned” technology. I felt right at home.

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