Brickwork Grunge


Originally a paper mill then, most famously, the site of the Don Valley Brick Works, the Evergreen Brick Works  consists of 16 remaining heritage buildings and an adjacent 16-hectare public park that includes wetlands, hiking trails, and wildflower meadows. The site should be on the bucket list for every aspiring urban grunge photographer.




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  1. Hello- I was hoping to get in touch with the photographer and possibly getting a larger file of one of your photos. Brickworks Grunge- The Machine. We are a design firm and are designing a clubhouse on an old brickyard and want to incorporate some history into the building. We ran across this image and its perfect for our design. We are going to have it printed on wallcovering but the resolution isn’t large enough for the size we want of 116″ x 74″.

    Is it possible to get a larger file of this image? Please email me at


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