I was having  coffee on the deck the other morning and noticed this shell on the table.  I have no idea what it is (was?).  The thought that this thing had moulted meant that it was getting bigger did NOT give me any comfort at all…..

Category(s): Black & White, Wildlife

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    Bruce Millar says:

    The front image reminds me of Shelob!! Aiya Eärendil Elenion Ancalima! (Brent, if you don’t have a Phial of Galadriel handy, you might want to get one!!!) Okay, all my ‘L.O.T.R. – ings’ aside, that is one helluva shot! It certainly caught my attention and piqued my imagination.

    • Thanks Bruce!! I still have no idea what this is//was. The thought of it growing out of its’ shell does not give me much comfort.

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