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Here Kitty Kitty….

Zoos are controversial. My belief is that, if nothing else, it makes us more aware of the true beauty of wildlife and how much more needs to be done to protect this amazing resource. If we can’t protect our wildlife, … Continue reading

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I put some shelled peanuts out in the backyard in order to attract Blue Jays.  As you can see, I got everything but….

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You’re Welcome GM

General Motors announced that it is expressing its’ gratitude to Canada for the more than $10 billion invested to save the company from bankruptcy by laying off more than 2,000 workers.  Somehow “you’re welcome” doesn’t seem adequate.

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When it Rains….

I love large storms, particularly thunderstorms.  The caveat is that I only enjoy them when I’m indoors.  When I get stuck outdoors, not so much. 

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