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Osgoode Hall

    Osgoode Hall was the first law school in Ontario. I hope and pray that we never lose sight of the principles upon which this incredible country was founded.

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Places of Serenity

Every year Toronto organizes “Open Doors”, a weekend when many interesting buildings are open to the public.  I go every year and try to find those buildings which have the most beautiful interiors.  I find the interiors of places to … Continue reading

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My Breakfast Companion

  I was sitting out in the backyard this morning enjoying a coffee and reading the paper when I realized that I had company.

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  I decided to photograph smoke from burning joss sticks.  Hope you like the results. See if you can spot the duck in Incense 4.

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Cherry Beach

Cherry Beach is one of my favourite places in Toronto to take pictures, particularly when the skies are cloudy and rain is threatening.

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When I recently put bird feeders in my backyard, these were the type of shots that I was hoping for.

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A Quiet Afternoon with Friends

I spent part of the afternoon today in the backyard and took some shots of my feathered friends.

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Waiting for Super Moon

  While I was waiting for the super moon to rise, I took some shots of the sky.  One of them showed the moon just breaking behind some clouds while the other shows people waiting for the spectacle.

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Super Moon

Last night, I went down to Lake Ontario to photograph the full moon at its closest point to the Earth.  With the reflection of the sun, the colours of both the moon and the sky were almost surreal and resembled … Continue reading

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Sign of the Times??

Electric cars.  Hmmm.  Like it or not, here they come.  Is this what Toronto’s road network will look like in 50 years?

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