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Post Storm Serenity

I  love snow storms.  I find that during a storm, people tend to be much kinder towards one another.  Afterwards,  a blanket of freshly fallen snow  brings me sense of serenity-of  being one with God and nature.  After a very … Continue reading

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Different Solitudes

Trying to find a place in Canada’s largest city to be alone with just one’s thoughts can be a challenge.  While almost impossible to find a spot downtown, there are numerous parks scattered throughout the GTA where solitude can be … Continue reading

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It’s late November and fall seems to be lingering longer than is usual.   I went for a walk in the morning and noticed the leaves slowing sinking into Etobicoke Creek. It won’t be long before they are frozen in place.

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Early Morning Fog

Fog and black & white photography go  hand in hand.  I love the ethereal quality that fog brings to each and every photograph.  Of course, when I took this shot it was before 7 a.m. and I suspect that the … Continue reading

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Tree Fort a la Ground

Well, technically this is a tree fort.  It’s a fort, made out of a tree. However, the tree forts that my friends and I used to build (if that’s the correct term) had to be up as high as possible … Continue reading

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Floating Leaf

I went for a walk along Etobicoke Creek today in Toronto’s west end. It was a beautiful day and I noticed this single leaf floating in a shallow pond beside the Creek.

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