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Ducks tend to be anything but camera shy-particularily  in winter.  Usually all it takes is bread (or in this case, left over pancakes) and let the action begin..

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I took my bike and camera gear to a local conservatory yesterday with the intent of capturing some macro flower shots.  On the way over, I noticed a large pond filled with interesting wildlife.  I only had my Nikkor 105mm … Continue reading

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Backyard Bounty

It’s easy for me to forget about what’s important in life.  Sometimes, I need to slow down and just observe the true beauty of nature.

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I was having  coffee on the deck the other morning and noticed this shell on the table.  I have no idea what it is (was?).  The thought that this thing had moulted meant that it was getting bigger did NOT … Continue reading

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Here Kitty Kitty….

Zoos are controversial. My belief is that, if nothing else, it makes us more aware of the true beauty of wildlife and how much more needs to be done to protect this amazing resource. If we can’t protect our wildlife, … Continue reading

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I put some shelled peanuts out in the backyard in order to attract Blue Jays.  As you can see, I got everything but….

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My Breakfast Companion

  I was sitting out in the backyard this morning enjoying a coffee and reading the paper when I realized that I had company.

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I recently became interested in bird photography. There are a number of goldfinches in my area and I shot these photos in my backyard.  I have discovered that birds are not easy to photograph-they are small, quick and very timid.  … Continue reading

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Feathered Friends

  Now that spring is here, I’ve noticed a marked increase in the variety of birds in and around my back yard.  I am slowly learning to recognize them by their different songs and appearance.  Most are extremely shy and … Continue reading

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Backyard Buddies

I was having a coffee in the back yard and spotted a few familiar neighbours.  They both seemed to be very interested in what I was doing-which was just watching them watch me.

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