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I recently went on a photo shoot to Webster’s Falls with one of Canada’s leading professional photographers, Iden Ford (see photo below).  Located approximately  60 km northwest of Toronto, I enjoyed an incredible (if somewhat damp) day -not only because of … Continue reading

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Cherry Beach in Toronto is one of my favourite place to take photos, particularly when the weather is inclement and the beach is relatively deserted.      

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Recently, I went to Port Credit, a bedroom community on the shores of Lake Ontario just west of Toronto. The weather was ideal for landscape photography:  overcast, windy and periodic lake driven snow squalls. I hope that you enjoy viewing … Continue reading

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Port Credit Buskerfest

I went to the local Port Credit Buskerfest  last weekend not knowing what to expect.  I had an incredibly good time.  Not only are the Buskers immensely talented artists, but they are superb entertainers as well.

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A Different View of Wall Street Banks

This shot is a reflection of the head office building for an American bank which played a prominent role in the Wall Street meltdown. I hope you find the perspective to be interesting…

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I was having  coffee on the deck the other morning and noticed this shell on the table.  I have no idea what it is (was?).  The thought that this thing had moulted meant that it was getting bigger did NOT … Continue reading

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You’re Welcome GM

General Motors announced that it is expressing its’ gratitude to Canada for the more than $10 billion invested to save the company from bankruptcy by laying off more than 2,000 workers.  Somehow “you’re welcome” doesn’t seem adequate.

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When it Rains….

I love large storms, particularly thunderstorms.  The caveat is that I only enjoy them when I’m indoors.  When I get stuck outdoors, not so much. 

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Cherry Beach

Cherry Beach is one of my favourite places in Toronto to take pictures, particularly when the skies are cloudy and rain is threatening.

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Sign of the Times??

Electric cars.  Hmmm.  Like it or not, here they come.  Is this what Toronto’s road network will look like in 50 years?

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