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Post Storm Serenity

I  love snow storms.  I find that during a storm, people tend to be much kinder towards one another.  Afterwards,  a blanket of freshly fallen snow  brings me sense of serenity-of  being one with God and nature.  After a very … Continue reading

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I went to the Royal Winter Fair a few days ago to take some photos.  It was a lot of fun and I hope that you enjoy the shots…

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More shots of the Zombie Walk.  When I was there, I asked a policeman in uniform what he was supposed to be.  He laughed and told me that the Zombie Walk is seen as a prize detail for the Metro … Continue reading

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Halloween is just around the corner. I went to the annual Zombie Walk for these shots and enjoyed an amazing day.  No problems getting people to pose…..  Part 2 coming soon….

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Air Show

I love air shows.  The noise and action bring out the inner child in me.

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Let’s go to the EX!!!

I haven’t been to the Ex for many years but went to the CNE a few nights ago in an attempt to capture the midway at night.  I know all of the “too” arguments-it’s too expensive, too crowded, too much junk … Continue reading

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Port Credit Buskerfest

I went to the local Port Credit Buskerfest  last weekend not knowing what to expect.  I had an incredibly good time.  Not only are the Buskers immensely talented artists, but they are superb entertainers as well.

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Kensington Market-up close and Personal

I went down to Kensington Market the other day armed with my macro lens and flash. It’s one of the more interesting places in the city for bargain hunters, voyeurs and photographers. I meet at least two of the criteria…

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A Different View of Wall Street Banks

This shot is a reflection of the head office building for an American bank which played a prominent role in the Wall Street meltdown. I hope you find the perspective to be interesting…

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Bug Off!!

A few mornings ago,  I was having a coffee and reading the paper outside when this “thing” fell out of the trees and landed right beside my coffee. About 3 inches long and as thick as a Cuban cigar, it … Continue reading

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